Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Beginnings of Blogging

I am an avid blog reader, but cannot say I have ever been very good about sharing or responding myself. I'm giving this blog a try to share ideas but even more of a reason is to have a place to pool all of my resources and give my students a place to locate everything they will need for assignments, further their creativity, and experiment with new ideas on their own. This year I have had the awesome experience of working with students old enough that I see the potential they hold in using their creativity in their future. Once they leave high school, everything I have documented for them on the school's website will be lost to them. My hope is that those that are interested will utilize this blog to further their studies, help in the creation of their own artwork, and share what they are creating as well. I find other art education blogs to be incredibly useful to help me come up with fresh ideas. Hopefully I can keep up with this blog as well as others keep up with theirs!

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