Friday, July 8, 2011


Who wants to waste a ton of their budget on less than stellar sketchbooks when the art room is crawling with paper - all kinds and colors of paper? So it is time to teach myself how to make my own. I'm going to go with the coptic or chain stitch binding method and have found a couple of good tutorials to demonstrate this technique. The best part is I already have all of the supplies, I can make it any size I want, the cover will be personalized and it can be as many pages as I see fit for each of my classes. Now to just be more consistent with having my classes use them...

Written and photographic tutorial

YouTube video tutorial


  1. Congrats on starting a new blog. I'm curious abut something - you say you are the only art teacher in the district, but also say you teach middle school/high school art. So I'm curious: is there no elementary art in your district?

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - your first trip to NYC - WOW! What did you do there? Next trip, ask me, and I'll tell you exactly where to find those bead stores!

  2. No elementary art teacher - can you believe it! They do have an artist-in-residence once a year, but that isn't enough. We piloted a high school/elementary partnership last year and will try to make that a reality this year. I had my HS students help develop a project that went along with the 5th grade science unit on ecosystems and we walked across the parking lot to their school to do two sessions with them. Hopefully this year we can do something with each grade level. Our HS & MS is connected so I'm lucky enough to only have to organize one classroom, but none of them get enough art time.

    It was a fairly short trip. My brother and sister live there now, so I'm sure I'll be back. I did hit the Metropolitan Museum of Art though. Bead shopping is in the plans for sure, I too hoard beads and don't spend enough time making jewelry that I should be wearing!